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Welcome to
St. Clements Citrus

A small family business based in High Wycombe , Perth , Western Australia .
With a huge range of citrus varieties ( around 50 in fact ) to rival even the most diverse of Nurseries .

Starting from scratch 6 years ago at our present location , with some rootstock seeds.
All the process is done on site , with myself and my son doing all
the grafting .

Why the name St. Clements ?
Well there is a old nursery rhyme which was sung in the UK , maybe Australia too.
A line " Oranges and Lemons , say the bells of St.Clements "
Plus the village I originate in England is called Terrington St. Clement, it was destiny don't you think ?

Feel free to browse the website and be confident in purchasing from a Gaul wasp free site .
If we deliver or you pick up remember the trees have always been free contamination .

"We Know it, We Grow it"


“A wonderful selection of citrus and native limes trees at a very good price and great customer service. Staffs at St Clement Citrus are very knowledgable about growing citrus trees and their plants are grown to suit Perth's climate. All my native limes from St Clements Citrus are thriving. A definitely must go to for anyone looking for a new Citrus tree! Very highly recommended.”

Shirley, Maddington
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